Welcome To Alfie's Midnight Special
9 - 30 June



Alfie's Kitchen has taken over The Midnight Special's kitchen for a strictly limited time. Like your vegan dinner to be served ‘eye-roll free,’ with a side of good music and even better cocktails? Then we have the perfect night out for you. For four weeks only, we've teamed up with vegan food company Alfie’s Kitchen, and the result is Alfie’s Midnight Special, featuring an all-vegan menu and a Sunday Banquet option.

Start salivating...






Pickles with crackles $5

Eggplant relish with crackles $5

Olives $5



Chips $8
Triple cooked potato chips with aioli

Sticky Eggplant Skewers  $10
Eggplant with sticky sauce

Smashing Pumpkin $10
Smashed pumpkin, miso caramel sauce, toasted pepitas, sesame crackers

Taco $12
Chipotle bean, cauliflower cream, guacamole and salsa

Burger $12
Lentil pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion jam, aioli and mustard

Sunday Banquet

Banquet $29.99 or $8 per plate

Fried rice
Fried bread w/sweet sour sauce
Fried eggplant w/chilli & garlic
Fried dumplings (2)
Cucumber salad w/ black vinegar


About Alfie's Kitchen

Smashing Pumpkin 

Smashing Pumpkin 


Alfie's Kitchen is an alternative vegan food company which values creative, sustainable and wholesome food practices. They work with like-minded small producers who share a vision and passion to produce. Alfie's love how food brings people together as well as connecting our diners in the field.

Alfie's run a vegan pop-up restaurant, a mobile catering kitchen, a picklery, and teach cooking glasses. Their menu is inspired by the seasons and their produce is sustainable and traceable to origin. They showcase local practitioners, makers and growers in the community whilst practicing ethical food production and sustainable business methods. Alfie's Kitchen believe in slow food and taking the time to do things thoughtfully.