Welcome To Daisy's Midnight Milkbar



Daisy's Milkbar has taken over The Midnight Special's kitchen for a strictly limited time. Their specially designed menu is packed with all your after school snack favourites.  The Midnight Milkbar will feature three signature jaffles, two for meat-eaters and one for veggos. Boozy shakes and spiders will put the cherry on top of The Midnight Milkbar’s pop up, the Vanilla Malt and Bourbon Shake is nothing short of a Nashville dive bar dream, while two choice of spider cocktails come to Australiana fans’ rescue, with a Lime and Tequila Spider  and a Creaming Soda and Vodka Spider option.

Start salivating...






 Vanilla Malt & Bourbon Shake $17

Creaming Soda and Vodka Spider $15

Lime Soda & Tequila Spider $15



Pulled Pork, Mac 'n' Cheese & BBQ Sauce Jaffle $10

Meat Pie & Tomato Sauce Jaffle $10

House-Made Baked Beans, Cheese & Oregano Jaffle $8 (Vegetarian)


Daisy's famous Mac 'n' Cheese $5

Vegemite Roasted Mixed Nuts $5

Savoury Fairy Bread with Garlic Butter, Bacon Bits, Panko Crumbs, Parsley & Parmesan $5

About Daisy's Milkbar


Located in Petersham in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West Daisy’s is a contemporary take on the old-school Aussie milk bar. With a focus on freshness and quality, we make as much as possible in-house and a priority is placed on sourcing products from local suppliers and other small businesses. The menu features no-fuss family favourites done well – gourmet jaffles, hearty burgers, indulgent desserts and of course a large selection of milkshakes. 

Everything at Daisy’s from the menu to the space itself takes a playful and cheery approach. Throughout the cafe you will find bold, bright design features. One of the most popular areas is the cute pastel booths which make an ideal spot to while away an afternoon catching up with friends or hiding away in to relax and read a book or set up a laptop to work away on