Welcome To Lulu's Midnight Special




Lulu's is taking over The Midnight Special's kitchen for a strictly limited time, dishing up flavour-packed 'food with a conscience'. Owner/chef Monica Luppi will be offering California style tamales, steamed parcels of corn masa dough filled with meat or vegetables served with fresh salsas, and a small but mighty list of sandwich and snack specials. 

Combining flavours and memories from Monica's epic US road trips, summers at her Nonna’s house in Italy, and a childhood spent eating her way around the San Francisco Bay Area, Lulu's is committed to local and independent producers and retailers. And she uses fresh, ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Start salivating...




Lulu's Tamales

Lulu's Tamales—$9 or any two for $16





Pork Tamale (GF)

12 hour slow cooked chipotle pork shoulder stuffed corn parcel, topped with fresh salsa and cumin lime sour cream


Image courtesy of Lulu’s © Tanja Bruckner

Vegan Tamale (GF)

Roasted sweet potato, topped with charred corn and black bean salsa, vegan cumin lime sour cream & house pickled onions



Snacks and Sandwiches





Fried Mac and Cheese bites (4 pc)

Old Bay, Cheezel dust, red hot sauce





Chicken Katsu al Pastor Sandwich

Crispy panko fried chicken thigh, chilli mayo, shaved pineapple, onions, coriander leaf on a soft milk bun








Bannoffee Pie

Cookie crust, buttery caramel, fresh bananas and homemade real whipped cream






About Lulu's


Born in Italy and raised in the US, Lulu's owner and chef Monica Luppi admits, “I was totally the kid with the weird smelly cheeses in her lunch box while everyone else ate PB&J. When I went to stay with my Nonna each summer, I’d pine for bagels and Mission Burritos. In the fall, back in the US, I’d dream about the perfect mortadella sandwich”. 

Lulu’s pops up at breweries and bars around Sydney’s Inner West, offering flavour-packed 'food with a conscience': local and independent producers and retailers are favoured; fresh, ethically sourced ingredients are used wherever possible: 

“I come from a background in social enterprise”, said Monica, “so it’s natural for us to look at the community and social impact of what we do with our food. We favour local and independent producers and suppliers because their quality is just incredible”.

Instagram: @lulus.sydney