• The Midnight Special (map)
  • 44 Enmore Road
  • Newtown, NSW, 2042
  • Australia

John is thinking about how much better Bruno is at writing these blurb things. So cavalier, you know, swearing and drinking, doesn't give a . . . toss. Bruno, sorry, Buddy is oblivious for now but may well be cavalier when he reads this. John and Buddy will each play songs from across their prodigious centuries-long careers. They may talk about doing some songs together but also may cite artistic differences. John will drink spiced rum or whiskey with fresh apple juice because he can, in fact, be cavalier himself. Buddy will more likely drink beer because he's a man of the people. They will both wear spectacles and ride cavalier king charles spaniels to the venue. Large ones used to the weight of an adult male human. We breed them.

Please come along and wave your pom-poms.