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In 2008, three dreamers in a San Fran dive bar wondered why there weren't more neighbourhood bars in Sydney...

Nash, Sylvie and Cristian traveled through America together. On their journey through New York, San Francisco, Memphis and Los Angeles they visited many a great dive bar, and saw lots of live music. This started the conversation about how great it would be to have bars like these back in our hometown, Sydney.

It took a few years of blood, sweat and tears but in 2012 The Midnight Special finally became a reality. The goal was to create a space that reflected the community of Newtown; a place Nash, Sylves and Cristian had lived in since the early 90s.

The Midnight Special is the title of the traditional blues song that Lead Belly made famous, and the name they bestowed on the bar. The vision was to create a space where people can gather to listen to great music, chat, drink and eat.

Shine A Light On You...

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