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After a wonderful show at our Grrrls to the Front series Bvllvds and Icevena are back to grace our stage.

BVLLVDS (Ballads) is the name of multidisciplinary Korean-Australian artist Alice Amsel’s solo musical project. Through the medium of song, she explores the highs and lows of existence (mostly lows, though – let’s get real). Squarely left of pop and nestled in the warmth of intricate harmonies and synths, BVLLVDS provides a safe place sonically to express your authentic self.

Icevena is carving a new path in underground dance music with an ear for pop structures and strong hooks. Based in Ryde, her DIY aesthetic sets the tone for her captivating live sets. Her productions are fluttered with foley and often take inspiration from ASMR, while her melodies are as unique as they are memorable. Icevena dallies with moments of experimentalism, and takes pride in situating herself on the left of field.


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