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Digby Ayton

Digby Ayton is a Tasmanian songwriter with a growing reputation as one of Australia’s most interesting and enigmatic artists. His 2023 album ‘Songs Nearby’ cemented his place as a tender and insightful lyricist and he has been labelled by his contemporaries as ‘a true bush poet.’ ‘Songs Nearby’ is available for listening on all major streaming services and Digby will be releasing a new album in the fall.

Sarah Sykes:

A sincere, sparse romanticism characterises the solo work of Sarah Sykes, crafting her own songs in secret after years of playing in revered Sydney indie bands Flowertruck and Sunscreen. While many might see this leap into piano and pop as new territory for the Sydney artist, it’s more accurate to call this direction a return to her roots. When the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns left live music off the table, Sykes paid to have her childhood piano moved from Newcastle to Sydney. “I was suddenly at home with my piano, trying to rekindle my relationship with music and take it back to its starting place,” she says. Once it arrived, songs streamed out, and she found herself embracing the chance to write slower, more self-examining work. 
Doors 5pm
Music 8pm
Free Entry 
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Digby Ayton with special guest Sarah Sykes


Digby Ayton with special guest Sarah Sykes Thursday March 28

Digby Ayton with special guest Sarah Sykes


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