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Gamilaroi Country raised Ben Leece is heading back to The Midnight Special & heading north to join the party is Melbourne’s finest powerhouse, Queenie.

Ben has been touring with his awesome band Left of the Dial, but for this show we will be treated to a special solo performance.  Be it solo or band Leece wins over his audience with a genuine stage presence, significant social commentary along with catchy hooks and crunching guitar. It is always a memorable experience.

Queenie’s live shows shake, shudder and smoulder with fiery charisma and freewheeling stagecraft. Beneath all the sizzle, though, is a unique and powerful voice: tender one moment and visceral the next, Queenie can soar from Emmy-Lou Harris to Mariah Carey at the drop of a hat, launching her deeply emotive songwriting into the stratosphere like a rocket strapped to a Cadilla

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Great Southern Nights and Mother Hen Touring Presents Ben Leece & Queenie

Presales: $17.35 AUD

Door: $20.00 AUD

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