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Helena Massey 

Helena Massey is a Sydney-based guitarist and songwriter. With a consistent stream of releases
over several years, Helena has steadily refined her guitar work to be expressive and sensitive,
drawing inspiration from folk traditions as well as underground and outsider blues and rock
music. Her forthcoming album showcases a unique integration of progressive song structures
with a mastery of open tunings and finger picking technique.

Lee's Sullivan 

Hailing from Eora/Sydney, Lee Sullivan crafts songs about childhood, travel, first love, break-ups and death. With rich melodies and unique structures, his songs weave through the subconscious, revealing hidden depths on each listen. He has shared stages with some of the country’s finest, including Carla Geneve, Georgia Mulligan and Indira Elias. He has released 3 EP's since 2020, with an album forthcoming.
Connor's Britton

Connor Britton is a musician and producer hailing from the eastern seaside of Sydney, Australia. Evident of his current catalogue, he may be situated somewhere within the realm of early 2010's indie-folk. True, it's resurgence and renaissance couldn't have come at a better time during his formative years as an artist. But as the years passed, his exposure to more left-of-field artists struck him with a wonder and longing; to extend further beyond the reaches of his folk roots. Adopting elements from ambient, post-rock, film score, slowcore, trip hop and even doom metal. Connor draws upon a vocal intensity familiar to that of Sharon Van Etten and Jeff Buckley, yet dances fluidly amidst a sonically warped veil that blends the entrancing nature of Bon Iver and Sigur Ros with the eldritch tones of Emma Ruth Rundle and Low.
Thursday Feb 1st
Doors 5pm
Music 8pm
Free Entry 
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Helena Massey, Lee Sullivan and Connor Britton



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