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A prolifically creative musician, Jamie Hutchings has built a career in the
Australian scene that stretches back to the early 1990s.

He first established himself as the cornerstone of noisy indie-rock auteurs
Bluebottle Kiss before embarking on a solo career with the release of The
Golden Coach in 2002. If that wasn't enough to satiate his musical
curiosities, Hutchings also formed the band Infinity Broke, releasing the first
of their three albums in 2014 and using the framework of the group to venture
even further into angular guitar art rock, with a strong through-line of inventive
and repetitive rhythms and percussion.

Earlier this year Hutchings released his most experimental solo album,
Making Water, a collage of rhythm and noise, drone and abstraction that
explored free jazz, Krautrock and the kind of terrain inhabited by The Necks
and late period Talk Talk. As Hutchings tends to do, he has pivoted again stylistically, returning to a more traditional sounding solo album with A New.

A New celebrates fresh beginnings but in doing so it also encapsulates all the
different strands of Hutchings musical past, a seamless sonic renewal of sorts
for one of Australia's most relentlessly adventurous and intelligent musicians.
Catch Jamie as he tours the album solo and draws from all corners of his
sprawling back catalogue.

Special guest is Peter Fenton. Fenton is not only the front person for
legendary Sydney outfit Crow, but also has a long history as an actor, author
and musical collaborator in such acts as The Aerial Maps, The Gin Palace
and The Tall Grass.

General Admission 18+
Doors 5pm
Music from 8pm

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Jamie Hutchings

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Jamie Hutchings with special guest Peter Fenton live at The Midnight Special

Jamie Hutchings with special guest Peter Fenton live at The Midnight Special

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