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Why would an accomplished and serious folk songstress stand atop a 17 year old fossil-fuel guzzling station wagon and declare her tour is in honour of it? 

For Julia Johnson, the silver lining of having a car crash this year, was using her insurance payout to buy the station wagon she had coveted when she first started lugging music gear around and playing gigs. It has been a dream come true for her. 

Throughout history, plenty of musicians have sung about how much they love their cars. Now, Julia finally gets it. But sadly nothing rhymes with ‘wagon’ so she’s just going to celebrate her beloved new set of wheels by throwing it a little celebratory tour.

With a reputation for exquisite songcraft and charmingly unpredictable stage banter, Johnson will be road testing a slew of new songs from her upcoming album (which is not about cars, don’t worry).

Joining Julia at the Midnight Special will be her labelmate from Undine Records, Flik:

Canberra based singer/songwriter Flik, combines featherlight fingerpicking with lucid and comforting vocals in a new and washed-out project that is brimming with vulnerability.

Doors 5pm

Music from 8pm

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Julia Johnson's Second Hand Wagon Tour with special guest Flik


Door: $17.35 AUD

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