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Peta Caswell and Chris Carrapetta

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The Spesh welcomes back Sydney’s Peta Caswell & Chris Carrapetta for WED NIGHT LIVE

PETA CASWELL is fast earning a name for herself as one of Sydney’s brightest and most promising vocalists. The first taste of her original work appeared on the celebrated TAKE ME TO TOWN Australian Alternative Country Compilation with many singling her track out as one of the highlights. She also has been a big part of the very popular Yacht Rock nights. Expect a tasty mixture of her own songs plus some classic favourites.

CHRIS CARRAPETTA is a singer songwriter who is influenced from a young age by folk rock legend Neil Young and a steady diet of Alt Country & Americana music.

His songs often explore themes of life, love & heartbreak. His heartfelt music is best delivered through passionate live performances creating a soulful blend of powerful driving melodic songs with a dynamic vocal range, guitar and harmonica.

Join Peta and Chris for another fine intimate night at The Midnight Special

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