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Rachel Baiman

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The first show for 2023 welcomes Rachel Baiman (US) to The Midnight Special’s stage.

With her 2017 debut Shame, Americana songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Baiman emerged as a fearless voice of the American female experience. “Shame” was featured on NPR’s “Songs We Love”, called a “Rootsy Wake-up Call” by Folk Alley, and described by Vice’s “Noisey” as “flipping off authority one song at a time.” On her latest full-length album Cycles, recorded in Melbourne with Alex O'Gorman at Purple Wayne Studios, Baiman has found a grittier musical medium for her signature unabashed and defiant songwriting, employing a majority-female team including co-producer Olivia Hally, front woman of indie-pop band Oh Pep!

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