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Riley Catherall & Tom Redwood

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The Midnight Special is excited to present two of Australia’s finest up and coming singer/songwriters.

RILEY CATHERALL is based in Melbourne whose graceful trajectory into the Australian Alt-Country Music world has not gone unnoticed. Riley has built a credible status as one of the country’s most promising songwriters through his poetic sincerity and alluring live shows. Riley is also know as the guitarist in Lachlan Bryan’s Wildes. Having just released his brand new single ‘Bark at the Moon’ he is out touring on his own. This is his first own show at The Spesh and we cant wait.

“Catherall’s phrasing and overall writing reminds me of an American icon in Jason Isbell. It’s not every day I can make that kind of comparison. I am already looking forward to hearing more from Catherall. His poetic Americana lyricism is a rare treat in the music scene today.” Ear To The Ground Music

TOM REDWOOD will be in town playing the Dashville Skyline festival and we thought while he was up this way we would invite him along for a wed night at The Spesh. We have heard such great things from our Dashville friends.
He is already 5 albums deep, his latest ‘Beneath The Wheel is a magical collection of songs that run the gamut from stark & traditional folk to cosmic and atmospheric sounds.

“Beautiful, idiosyncratic songwriting” - Ben Salter
“Tom is the unreal deal. Painting his words in the air” - Matt Walker

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