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Tim Easton (US) with Special Guest Bud Rokesky

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Nashville’s Tim Easton is coming back to the Special for another round on our stage.

Tim Easton's last show on the Spesh’s stage was back in 2016 when he packed the place out, people spilling out on the street dancing. It was a crazy fun summer night.

Traveling early and often, American songwriter Tim Easton learned the ways of the road and rails and spent seven years as a bonafide troubadour, making his way around Europe, playing the streets and clubs, living in Paris, London, Madrid, Prague, Dublin, and wherever else he laid his hat. It was during this period when he developed his songwriting style – folk based storytelling and personal traveling tales, often peppered with bold confessions or “tell it as it is” reality. Rolling Stone Magazine praised him as “having a novelist’s sense of humanity.”

This will be Tim’s 3rd visit to Australia with his guitar ‘Paco’ and his extensive repertoire he never fails to energise his audience with his unique blend of folk, blues and country.

Tim’s Special Guest for the night is Queensland’s Bud Rokesky. Bud has been receiving a lot of attention from radio and media lately, and deservedly so. There is a huge buzz following Bud mesmerising audiences with his songs and stories that dwell in the deepest parts o the soul.

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