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Yasmina Sadiki is a Sydney based, established live performer and independent artist pioneering a fresh look into the possibilities of Jazz and Neo-Soul through her passion for the art. Growing up in Canterbury, over the years she has connected with many producers, artists and musicians from Sydney and beyond.

Yasmina has deep love for improvisation and freestyling, she with her live band which alternate between a range of different instruments, creates a seductively magical experience. “Lengthy explorations into jazz, hip hop and soul, intricate and dense. There’s a sense of impending menace that pervades it all and makes it positively cinematic, her music bringing light to the darkest of corners”.

Yasmina aspires to challenge the scene with a raw but poetic window into her life. Her insightful lyrical expression and nuanced vocal technique whisking us away into her world, creating something genuine and mesmerising.

open from 5pm
music from 8
free event

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Yasmina Sadiki



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