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Jack Elias writes hurtful, funny and depressive songs. Think Syd Barrett, Samuel Beckett or Leonard Cohen trying not to get laid and you're starting to get the idea. Discordant death song poetry at its finest.

Ces Hotbake, of Sydney, is a singer-songwriter who thinks vulnerability is funny, which is why she can’t write a song about the crushing monotony of substance abuse without putting a dick joke in it. While she’s better known for making people laugh on the internet, her musical offerings are a distinct, disparate facet of her compulsion to explain herself. In her latest single, "Eastlack," Hotbake beguiles the listener with a delicate blend of restraint and confession.

All album sales and proceeds from the show will be donated to
the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (
Tickets sold on door only.
Capacity limited. Get in early.
Doors from 5pm

Rik Saunders > 8pm
Ces Hotbake > 9PM
Jack Elias > 10pm
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Jack Elias, Ces Hotbake and Rik Saunders

Presales: $0.00 AUD

Door: $15.00 AUD

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