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Miguel Rios

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Miguel Rios is a story-telling songwriter; always giving space in his songs to powerful lyrics that speak of closed doors, magic men, replica pistols, and the cold spaces that no fire can warm.

Miguel Rios is Melbourne based Songwriter and Singer, known for his raw vocal performance, fingerstyle guitar and story telling songs. Rios infuses folk and blues sentiments into his music and wraps it around a classic songwriting stlye.

Miguels latest album Slaughterhouse Road, released in 2021 has a pared-down grittiness simple production, a connection back to the 60's style of record making.

The album was co-produced with Greg O’Shea, who also engineered and mixed the album. Recorded straight to tape in a small tin music studio set among the scrawny eucalyptus of Cottlesbridge during the Capricorn eclipse full moon, in the dead of Winter.

“We wanted that full moon madness, we certainly got that,” says Miguel.“It rained, stormed actually. The dogs howled outside, but we kept playing and we got it all.”

We are very excited to have Miguel on The Midnight Special stage for the first time. He is not to be missed.

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